Station Lisse

Station Lisse, Stationsweg 59, Lisse

Since 1842 the village of Lisse is already ‘on the track’. However, it took until the end of the 19th century before the village would have its own railway station. At first it was not the intention that a station would come. The railway was intended to be a fast railway between Haarlem and Leiden without intermediate stations. During the construction there was a lot of resistance from the large landowners in the Flower Region. It was not until 1905 that Lisse got a full-fledged station. The high part of the building was the station residence. Because the station is so far from the village, it has never been able to meet the expectations and it was abolished in 1944. However, this did not mean a definite end. From the fifties until the end of the nineties, during the high season, daily trains stopped at the Lisse station for visitors to the Keukenhof. From 1994 the restaurant ‘De Verloren Koffer’ was located in the station building. Meanwhile, restaurant ‘Het Tussenstation’ has moved into the beautiful old station building.

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