Top 5 Eco-Friendly Accommodations in The Netherlands

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Sustainable Tourism in the Netherlands: The Top 5 Eco-Friendly Accommodations

Sustainable Tourism in the Netherlands: The Top 5 Eco-Friendly Accommodations. The Netherlands is a small yet fascinating country in Western Europe, famous for its picturesque landscapes, cultural heritage, and advanced urbanization. In recent years, the country has also gained recognition as a leading destination for sustainable tourism. With a strong commitment to preserving the environment and promoting social responsibility, the Dutch tourism industry has developed various eco-friendly accommodations that provide visitors with a unique and sustainable travel experience. In this blog, we will highlight the top 5 eco-friendly accommodations in the Netherlands, where visitors can enjoy a comfortable and sustainable stay.

EuroParcs De Zanding – Otterlo

EuroParcs (previously Droomparken) is a chain of sustainable holiday parks spread across various locations in the Netherlands, such as the Veluwe, Zeeland, and Limburg. The parks feature modern and spacious accommodations, ranging from lodges and villas to chalets and camping sites. Droomparken is committed to sustainable development and eco-friendliness, evident in its energy-efficient accommodations, green surroundings, and eco-friendly amenities. Visitors can enjoy various eco-activities, such as cycling, hiking, and water sports, and explore the nearby natural parks, beaches, and historical landmarks.

Stayokay Hostels

Stayokay is a chain of sustainable hostels situated in several locations in the Netherlands, such as Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, and Maastricht. The hostels offer affordable and comfortable accommodations, including dorms, private rooms, and group lodges. Stayokay is committed to social and environmental responsibility, reflected in its sustainable practices, such as waste reduction, energy-saving, and local sourcing. Visitors can enjoy various sustainable activities, such as organic breakfast, bike rental, and guided tours, and interact with fellow travelers from around the world.

Eco Hotel Plantage Rococo

Eco Hotel Plantage Rococo is a unique and environmentally conscious hotel located in the beautiful town of Velsen, Netherlands. This charming hotel features an eco-friendly design and sustainable practices that make it an ideal choice for travelers who are concerned about the environment. The hotel’s rooms are stylishly decorated with an emphasis on natural materials and the use of renewable energy sources. Guests can enjoy a variety of activities, including cycling, hiking, and exploring the nearby beaches. The hotel’s restaurant serves delicious organic and locally sourced cuisine, and the staff is committed to providing excellent service while minimizing their impact on the environment. Overall, Eco Hotel Plantage Rococo is a wonderful destination for eco-conscious travelers seeking a relaxing and sustainable stay in the Netherlands.

Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam

Hotel Jakarta is a unique and sustainable hotel located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The hotel’s design is inspired by the Indonesian island of Java, and it features luxurious rooms and suites with beautiful views of the city and the river IJ. Hotel Jakarta is committed to sustainability, with features such as a green roof, solar panels, and energy-efficient systems. The hotel also has a restaurant that offers Indonesian cuisine and a terrace overlooking the river. Guests can enjoy the hotel’s spa and wellness
facilities, including a sauna and fitness center. Hotel Jakarta offers a one-of-a-kind experience for guests who want to relax in a sustainable and exotic setting.

Boshotel Overberg

Boshotel Overberg is a sustainable hotel located in the beautiful forested area of Overberg in the Netherlands. The hotel boasts
eco-friendly features, such as geothermal heating and cooling, a living roof, and energy-efficient lighting. The hotel’s restaurant focuses on serving organic and locally-sourced produce, with vegetarian and vegan options available. Guests can enjoy the natural surroundings with bike rentals, hiking trails, and even an on-site beekeeping workshop. Boshotel Overberg also offers
a variety of meeting and event spaces, making it a great choice for eco-conscious businesses. Overall, Boshotel Overberg offers a unique and sustainable experience for guests who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and reconnect with nature.


Sustainable tourism is a growing trend in the Netherlands, and the country offers various eco-friendly accommodations that cater to different budgets, preferences, and locations. By choosing a sustainable accommodation, visitors can contribute to the local economy, reduce their carbon footprint, and enhance their travel experience. Whether you are interested in nature, culture, or urban lifestyle, the Netherlands has something to offer for every sustainable traveler. So, pack your bags, book a stay in one of these eco-friendly accommodations, and discover the beauty and sustainability of the Netherlands.Hotel Jakanrta Amsterdam