Noordwijk Vuurtoren Bollenstreek Reisgids 12FEB17

Lighthouse – Noordwijk

Since 1444, after sunset, a fire was ignited on the beaches of Noordwijk to point fishermen to the coast. Only when there were fishermen at sea, the light was ignited. A wooden scaffolding was built in the 19th century and in 1854 it was replaced by a stone tower. In 1913 it was broken down. The lighthouse that now stands there is made of brick and reinforced concrete and was built in 1921 as a reconnaissance light for shipping. To prevent water leakage, a white plaster layer was later applied. The last lighthouse keeper, Dick van Dee, was in function from 1954-1986. Since then the tower has been unmanned. Since 1980, the lighthouse has only been opened on special occasions such as on Heritage Days. The tower has been restored in 2004.

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