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Keukenhof Castle – Lisse

Kasteel Keukenhof, Stationsweg 166, Lisse


Keukenhof castle was built in 1642 as a mansion by a former VOC commander in the Moluccas. For centuries, the castle has been inhabited by noble families. The last owner and resident was Jan Carel Elias count of Lynden (1912-2003). After his death, he left the castle, including the 230-hectare estate, behind to the Stichting Kasteel Keukenhof (Foundation Castle Keukenhof). This foundation aims to restore the castle and the estate including the 18 national monuments in the state in which they were beginning 1900.


In 1642 a homestead was built with the name ‘Keukenhof’ in the kitchen garden of Slot Teylingen. The proceeds of this dune area such as game, cattle, herbs and berries were destined for the kitchen of Slot Teylingen, where among others Jacoba van Beieren lived.


After a restoration of almost 2 years, Castle Keukenhof was reopened in 2012. The castle is an official wedding location and both the castle and the estate are used for (cultural) events. The carriage house next to the castle has also been restored. The gardens of the castle are open to the public.


On the estate is also the walled Frederiks Hof with the Swiss playhouse. The name Frederiks Hof comes from a boy of one of the noble families that have inhabited the castle. From the tradition it appears that Frederik was a gifted boy with a mental disorder. The playhouse was built for him around 1850 so that he could withdraw with a governess if the crowds were too much for him. The Frederiks Hof has also been completely restored.


Station Lisse

Station Lisse, Stationsweg 59, Lisse

Since 1842 the village of Lisse is already ‘on the track’. However, it took until the end of the 19th century before the village would have its own railway station. At first it was not the intention that a station would come. The railway was intended to be a fast railway between Haarlem and Leiden without intermediate stations. During the construction there was a lot of resistance from the large landowners in the Flower Region. It was not until 1905 that Lisse got a full-fledged station. The high part of the building was the station residence. Because the station is so far from the village, it has never been able to meet the expectations and it was abolished in 1944. However, this did not mean a definite end. From the fifties until the end of the nineties, during the high season, daily trains stopped at the Lisse station for visitors to the Keukenhof. From 1994 the restaurant ‘De Verloren Koffer’ was located in the station building. Meanwhile, restaurant ‘Het Tussenstation’ has moved into the beautiful old station building.

St Agatha convent – Lisse

St. Agatha Convent, Heereweg 258, Lisse

The St Agatha convent dates back to the 1900s. It was built on behalf of the RC parish Saint Agatha in Neo-Gothic style. The building was originally used by the Clarissen and the Sisters Fransciscanessen. The monastery has lost its original function over the years. It became a shelter for difficult to raise children. The building has been functioning as an office since 1984. The former chapel is used as a multifunctional space. This is used as a meeting room and concert hall.