Andreas Church Katwijk

Andreaskerk, boulevard 109, Katwijk

The Andreaskerk (Protestant) is also called the Oude Kerk or Witte Kerk (Old Church or White Church) and was built in 1461. After the church was destroyed by the Spaniards in 1572, the church was rebuilt around 1640. The church is named after the Apostle Andreas, the patron saint of fishermen. An azure blue Andreas cross on a silver ground is the coat of arms of the municipality of Katwijk. Initially the church had a pointed tower, but after a fierce storm in 1836 it was so damaged that it had to be demolished.

After the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) was built on the Voorstraat in 1885, the Oude Kerk was sold in 1890 and it served as a ship shed of the Katwijk Shipping Company until 1921. In 1924 the church was put back into use after the renovation. During the Second World War, the Ortskommandant had ordered that not only the houses on the boulevard but also the Andreaskerk should be demolished for the Atlantic Wall. Due to the contractor who only demolished the tower to roof height, the church was saved. The interior had already been brought to safety. In front of the church is a statue of Louis van der Noordaa, the ‘Fisher widow with son’.


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