Town Hall – Noordwijkerhout

The town hall of Noordwijkerhout was built in 1930 and has actually since then been used as a town hall. In 1956 the town hall was extended for the first time and in 1982 for a second time. After this second expansion, the reopening of the town hall in 1984 was done by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. The town hall used to have a few prison cells. On the west facade, just behind the platform, you can still see the heavily barred windows.

The architect of the town hall in Noordwijkerhout, mr. Kropholler, is seen as the follower of architect H.P. Berlage. The architectural style is considered as that of the Delfste school. On the platform are sculptures of a bulb harvester and a bulb girl, symbols of the Noordwijkerhouts flower bulb company. On the tile picture above the platform is the municipal coat of arms of Noordwijkerhout, a standing yellow lion on a blue shield.

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