Renzy Bollenstreek Reisgids

Electric ride for fun!

Enjoy the ride!

GPS tours with the Renault Twizy, a 100% electric & eco-friendly vehicle for 2 people! The unique open and contemporary design of this vehicle gives you a sense of freedom. You feel, smell and experience where you drive! A unique ride with guaranteed attention on the go!

Take a tour with us

Our GPS guided tours will lead you to the most beautiful places in Holland like the famous Dune and Coastline, the authentic Dutch landscape with windmills & polders, the lovely Tulip region & the old city of Leiden. You can book our tours for the morning, afternoon or evening. Prices from € 65,- per GPS tour for 2 people.

Relax, I have GPS!

Discover the Dutch countryside with All of our Twizies have a GPS Guide with detailed maps on board that guide you along the route.

Book now via, or call +31- 0252 - 51 40 62 and use this unique discount code: bollenstrk10 which entitles you to a 5% discount on the price!