Sint Bavo - Noordwijkerhout

Sint Bavo Noordwijkerhout

Sint Bavo, Langevelderweg 27, Noordwijkerhout. Foto: Bianca Kok.

In 1913, the construction of the Sint Bavo was started. In 1914 the building was completed and inaugurated as a Roman Catholic psychiatric institution. The Sint Bavo was founded by the Congregation Brothers of Love (Congregatie Broeders van Liefde). The interior is set up with a symmetrical layout of eight pavilions and a few service buildings around the monastery and the chapel.

This cruciform chapel is located at the back of the main building. Above the porch at the front is the statue of the Holy Bavo with the weapon of the Brothers of Love above it. Under the coat of arms on the tile picture is the text “Deus Caritas Est”, God is Love. Because of the 25th anniversary of the establishment in 1939, the façade above the entrance was provided with a stone with the gold inscription “Psychiatric Institution St Bavo 1914-1939”. Since 2014 the Sint Bavo is no longer in use. The building and the grounds have fallen prey to decay. There are now well-advanced plans for new construction on the Bavo site where the Bavo building, the Pesthuis (former barrack for infectious diseases) and house ‘t Hoogt (upbringing house) will be maintained.

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