Estate “De Heerlijckheit Dyckenburch” – Noordwijkerhout

The estate Dyckenburch is located on an old shoreline in the country estate zone between Noordwijk and Noordwijkerhout. On the west side the estate is surrounded by a dune area and the famous bulb fields. On the east side is the estate “Huize Remotus” and estate “Leeuwenhorst” with its parks and forests.


The estate Dyckenburch has a rich and moved history that is described in the book “The history of Dyckenburch” by dr. E. dan Hartog and drs. M. Bulting. The name “Dyckenburch” appears in 1721 for the first time. Over the centuries, the different residents have used different styles of writing. Until the Second World War, the Dyckenburch Estate was mainly privately inhabited by numerous prominent families.During the war, Dyckenburch was requisitioned by the German Wehrmacht. The house became the headquarters of the German commander. In 1945 the villa was taken into use as a Novitiate House.

From 1951, after the departure of the fathers (priests), the villa was inhabited by repatriated Dutch from Indonesia. In 1962 the villa was converted into the famous and notorious campsite (and hotel) “Dijk en Burg”. As a popular location for student corps, King Willem Alexander and his brothers spent their student days here. In 2000 the camp closed, after which the estate was bought by the current owner.

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