Архив рубрики: Sights Hillegom

Het Klokgeveltje

't Klokgeveltje, Hoofdstraat 140, Hillegom

The Klokgeveltje is one of the oldest houses in Hillegom. On the fine  facade stands 1794, but the premise was already there in 1634. In the house lived and worked beer traders, bakers, butchers and florists. Since 1975 it is again a residential home. The basement below the building on the right is part of the Klokgeveltje.

Koningin Wilhelminaboom en Dorpspomp Hillegom

Houttuin, Hillegom

The Grote Pomp (Big Pump) is a natural stone pump, built in 1740 by Jan Six. This craftsman from Hillegom had made a well on De Houttuin to provide the village with fresh water. The pump was in operation until Hillegom got a water pipe in 1925. In 1983 the pump was restored. The triangular village square where the Queen Wilhelminaboom and the Dorpspomp stand is the Houttuin, probably because the firewood for the village used to be stored here.

St-Martinus Church Hillegom

Sint Martinuskerk, Hoofdstraat 27b, Hillegom

St. Martin’s Church is a Roman Catholic church at Hoofdstraat 29 in Hillegom. The church was built in 1870/1871 after the large Clandestine church on the Bakummerlaan had become too small for the many parishioners. Because of the rise of the flower bulb culture, the population of Hillegom grew so hard that in 1915 a second parish was founded and the Sint Jozefkerk was built. Saint Martin’s Church quickly became too small and so a new church was built between 1923 and 1926. Due to lack of money, it was decided not to build a new tower, but to integrate the old tower into the new church. In 1990, both parishes were merged because of the declining church visit. The Sint Jozefkerk was disposed of but the church building is still on the Monseigneur van Leeuwenlaan. The Sint Martinuskerk was thoroughly restored and renovated in 2008/2009.

Maartens Church Hillegom

Maartenskerk, Kerkplein 1, Hillegom

At the place where a chapel already stood in 1248, the Maartenskerk was built shortly after. The Maartenskerk is a Protestant church, but was originally the Catholic Sint Maartenskerk. At the bottom of the tower was once the prison of the village of Hillegom. The ship of the church was destroyed around 1575 during the battle between Spaniards and Geuzen. In 1929 the section between the tower and choir was rebuilt. The tower survived a fire in 1978.