Sint Jeroenskerk - Noordwijk

Old Jeroen’s Church – Noordwijk

The Oude Jeroenskerk is located in the centre of Noordwijk-Binnen. Formerly also known as the Grote (Big) or St. Jeroenskerk. The church is named after the martyr Jeroen who was beheaded in 856 because he did not want to lose his faith. The church is owned by the Protestant Municipality in Noordwijk.

The tower of the church is 40 meters high. Legend tells us that Jeroen’s skull has been buried in the church. In 1983, a young man’s skull was unearthed in the choir that might have been from Jeroen.


On the site of the Old Jeroen, a wooden church stood between 856 and 988 and presumably thereafter a church made of tuff bricks. In 1450 there was a big fire in the church. In 1573 the church passed from being a Catholic church to a Reformed one. Since 1798 the tower has been owned by the Municipality of Noordwijk. In 1860 a house of preservation was built on the Voorstraat in Noordwijk. Until then, convicts were imprisoned in one of the two cells located in the tower.
From April to October the tower can be visited on Saturdays from noon to 4 pm.


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