Sint Jeroenskerk

St Jeroens’s Church – Noordwijk

The Sint Jeroenskerk is named after Sint Jeroen who dedicated a church to Sint Maarten in 851 in Noordwijk. In 856 he was killed and decapitated by Vikings. A church was built at the place where his body was found. During excavation work at the church around 1300 a skull was found which was assumed to belong to Sint Jeroen. The skull was kept in the church and in 1429 Noordwijk was proclaimed pilgrimage place for Saint Jeroen.

The old Sint Jeroenskerk passed from the Catholics to the Protestants during the Reformation. That is why a new Catholic church was built in 1834. The church is currently used by the parish Sint Jeroen and Maria ter Zee which since 2011 is part of the Sint Maartensparochie (Saint Martin Parish).

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