St Agatha

St Agatha Church – Lisse

Sint Agathakerk, Heereweg 273, Lisse

After the separation of church and state in 1796, the Roman Catholic inhabitants of Lisse wanted another church. They demanded back the village church on the Square. The beginning of a religious twist in Lisse. Only in 1842 could a church be built with financial support from King William I. However, it was not until 1902 that the construction of a new church actually started. In 1905 the boys’ school was also built and in 1909 the Piusgesticht.


This ‘Cathedral of the Flower Region’ is dedicated to Agatha of Sicily (225-251). It is a 60-meter long three-aisled cross-church in Neo-Gothic style. The tower is 75 meters high, the highest in the Flower Region. In 1929 the upper part of the tower was replaced by the spire that now stands on the church. In the period 1993 - 2002 the church was radically restored. The Total restoration costs amounted to more than 3.5 million which was appealed to the inhabitants of Lisse. The church is owned by the parish Saint Willibrordus.


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