‘t Huys Dever Lisse

t'Huys Dever, Heereweg 349-A, Lisse
‘t Huys Dever was built around 1375 by Reinier Dever or d’Ever. He was a member of a very old generation of Dutch nobility. The residential tower or Donjon, is a fortified house, many of which have stood in the coastal area. Dever is the only Donjon left. The back of the building was facing a swamp, the Lisser Poel. Because no danger threatened from that side, the back of the house is flat. The remaining walls are in the form of a horseshoe, solid masonry and almost 2 meters thick.
In 1848 the building collapsed partly due to poor foundation and neglect. In 1862 the roof collapsed. In the period from 1973 to 1978, ‘t Huys Dever was restored after which it was opened to the public. The construction is special because such Donjons have hardly been preserved in Holland due to, among other things, devastation (for example, prior to the Siege of Leiden), fire (Slot Teylingen) and radical renovations.

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