Soefitempel - Murad Hassil -

Sufi temple Katwijk

Soefitempel, Zuidduinseweg 7, Katwijk

To the south of the boulevard in the dunes of Katwijk lies the Sufi Temple. It is the only universal Sufism temple in the world. Sufism is characterized by an interaction of religious and spiritual influences and provides methods to realize your ideals. Universal Sufism is not a new religion, but wants to provide a meeting place for all people who desire love, harmony and beauty regardless of their faith, race or class.
The temple bears the name Universel Murad Hassil. In addition to worship services and summer schools, concerts (classical music) are also given. In 1969 the construction of the temple began. The temple has a square shape, with a gold-colored dome on the roof. The square represents stability and strength. The translucent dome symbolizes the human heart that, open to the sky, is open to the divine light. The hall in the temple is 13 by 13 meters and can accommodate about 120 visitors.

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