Huize Klein Leeuwenhorst

Estate Klein Leeuwenhorst – Noordwijkerhout

Klein Leeuwenhorst is a whitewashed neoclassical country house built in 1858. This house was sold in 1871 with a large piece of land. In 1872 a gardener’s house was built on the Gooweg. In 1938 this house was given the name ‘De Patrijs’. In the same year a stable and hunter’s house were built. Huize Leeuwenhorst once stood on this estate from 1880. Both Huize Leeuwenhorst and the hunter’s house were demolished in 1943 by order of the Wehrmacht for the construction of a tank ditch which was part of the Atlantic Wall. Klein Leeuwenhorst was requisitioned by the occupier during the war. After the Second World War the country house and the Stalhuis were renovated. Klein Leeuwenhorst and the Stalhuis are surrounded by 30 hectares of forest. The forest is open to the public. The Saddle room (Zadelkamer) in the Stalhuis is now used as a shop for decorative objects and when the store is closed the Saddle room can be rented. For more information, visit

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